Engine Work

Engine Performance Parts

Lighter objects require less energy to act upon it to achieve a set motion, this is the physics behind aftermarket pulley system. The engine pulley system distribute engine power to other part of the car, such as alternator and supercharger. All these parts drains engine horsepower, so as a true performance oriented driver you want to direct more horsepower to the wheel and a lighter pulley will help. Aftermarket pulley systems are significantly lighter than stock so less horsepower is needed to rotate them, this in turn equal more horsepower for the driving wheel of the car. Another benefit of lighter pulley is to help the engine rev faster which gives you a more responsive engine. Pulley are easy to install, any shops that do timing belts should be able to install the pulley system on your car.
There has been an old saying in the muscle car community - "there is no replacement for displacement", this saying was unquestioned until the Turbo systems kicks in. Gasoline and diesel engines get their power from fuel combustion and the amount of horsepower per combustion is determined by the fuel to air ratio in the cylinder. Stock naturally aspirated (non-turbo) engines is limited by the physical volume of the cylinder, this makes power increase extremely difficult. Turbo system compresses air and force it into the engine at higher pressure, this increase the amount of available air in the the cylinder preparing for a more powerful combustion. Paired with higher flow fuel system a turbo engine's horsepower is only limited by the engine block's pressure containing strength. The turbo system uses the car's exhaust gas to spin a turbine, this turbine in turn sucks in air from the intake system cool them through the intercooling pipes and feed it to the cylinder. Turbo installation is considered advanced installation, may require extensive disassembly of the engine bay. ECU/Dyno tuning is mandatory after turbo installation.

Headers are complementary to the intake in providing engine performance and in turn power. The goal of headers is to make it easier for the engine to push exhaust gases out of the cylinders. An aftermarket header will perform better than stock and reduce back pressure which will decrease the power loss associated with back pressure. It is an easy bolt-on and is highly recommended to increase engine breathability and performance.