Tanabe NF210 Springs - Nissan 350Z (Z33)


About the Company:

Since the deregulation of Japan's strict automobile road-worthiness inspections by the end of 1996, there have been many changes to the automotive aftermarket industry. An industry that was driven by enthusiasts has steadily gained increasing support and heightened popularity from the general public. Now with ISO9001 (International Organization for Standardization 9001) certification (November, 1999), Tanabe Co. Ltd. is aggressively marketing high-quality products to the overseas market. Looking forward to eminent global manufacturing standardization, we are a step-ahead with ISO certification. Our goal is to push the envelope in research and development and continue to produce the highest of quality products. Through forward-thinking and innovation, we, Tanabe Co. Ltd., will enter the 21st Century prideful of our extensive research and development, refined production, and with the satisfaction of delivering the highest of quality products to our customers.??

Genome Tuning

About the Product:

Down rate (mm): 1.2 / 1.2. The NF210 coil spring features a tasteful drop, and produces the best overall ride quality and comfort for a performance lowering spring. The lowered stance of the NF210 gives the car an elegant pose, while the spring rates, which are only slightly raised (up to 5% over stock) retain factory ride quality settings. This coil spring is extremely popular with luxury tuned vehicles, as well as those with larger diameter wheels that want to eliminate fender gap, but maintain excellent driveability while reducing the risk of damage to wheels that is associated with stiffer suspensions.

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  • Model: TNF063
  • Manufactured by: Tanabe